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Combining the requirements and the real concerns of its customers and an intense market study, RESDEVMED started in 2014 a new area dedicated to the research and development of new biomedical solutions, a partnership with: FUNCARB Group from Biological Engineering Center (University of Minho) and Searchingessence.
Of this partnership born the first two products in the range BoneEasy, brand owned by RESDEVMED: Custom bone extracts 70% TCP and 30% HA (manufactured using the implant software of Tailored Implant) and a new composite membrane of bacterial cellulose to deficient hydroxyapatite calcium (for guided bone regeneration).

Our Products:


Synthetic bone grafts with membrane coating.
Max dimensions: 30 x 22 x 12mm.


Individual Mesh fabricated in titanium grade 5 (Ti6Al4V).
Used for larger regenerations, should be applied with mixed synthetic granules and autogenous scrapped bone.

Thickness 0.4 - 0.7 mm
Porosus dimensions average 4x3 mm
Porosity 90%

Taxes: 23%


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